Know more about our company

Euroguide Ltd. was established in 1992 by a few employees of Ibusz S.A, the tourist guides of Ibusz and the Ibusz Tourist Guide Department. The original activity was to satisfy the touristic guidance demands of Ibusz.

After a time the company management acquired the ownership of Ibusz and tourist guides, and then the main focus was put on bus services instead of touristic guidance. Now Euroguide is considered to be one of the most well known and respected bus companies carrying out excellent bus services for the major foreign tour operators both in Hungary and abroad. There are 50 Setra, Mercedes and MAN buses owned by our company working also with a number of subcontractors.

Our unique innovation is development of the 29 seat de luxe buses to meet the highest demands.

Our quality services were recognized in 2014 by Tracoin Group ’ The best bus company of the year’ award.

In addition to our main activity of bus services we keep on offering touristic guidance, organization and implementation of diverse touristic services.